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Serbian Choir Seraphim of Sarov


Serbian Choir Seraphim of Sarov was founded in 1995. in Zrenjanin in the monastery of St.. Melanie of Roman in Zrenjanin, where he began to participate in church services. Within Serbia was invited to guest in many places: monastery Zica, monastery Grgeteg, Novi Becej, Sremska Mitrovica, Valjevo, Novi Sad, and also made many guest appearances in other countries: Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The ensemble's repertoire cherishes most beautiful choral spiritual songs Serbian, Russian and Greek composers and original compositions with an emphasize Liturgy Sv. John Chrysostom in Serbian which was prepared for the male choir by Božidar Crnjanski. In addition to the spiritual opus, their national patriotic songs, romances and songs of old still, faces a great reception by the audience.

Standard eight members, mostly employees at the Opera "Serbian National Theater" in Novi Sad, are:

  • Bojan Zdravic
  • Cedomir Radlovacki
  • Alexander Tolimir
  • Bozidar Crnjanski
  • Predrag Sepelj
  • Milos Milojevic
  • Vladimir Kusalo
  • Sinisa Pejakov

Photo gallery: Serbian Choir Seraphim of Sarov in England 2009
Serbian Choir Seraphim of Sarov in England 2009